Physical Rehabilitation

Advanced Everyday Injury Therapy

At StoneRidge, many patients seek treatment for unexpected injuries acquired through their daily routine. A slip off the curb, a trip up the stairs, or even something as simple as picking up a bag of groceries can cause injury when you least expect it. We have all experienced the pain of unexpected injury while performing a simple everyday task. More people are now discovering that recovery from these types of injuries can be accomplished quicker with proper and timely therapy.

If you are experiencing pain that is hindering your ability to perform everyday tasks, contact StoneRidge. We will work with you to ensure your days ahead are pain free.

Following a thorough evaluation, a treatment plan will be created with the focus of getting you back to your normal routine. Treatments for everyday injuries may include mechanical traction, cryotherapy (cold packs), heat therapy (hot packs), massage, ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, paraffin bath, decompression and rehabilitative exercise.


We at StoneRidge provide our clients with dedicated care to go along with premier benefits only available at the finest health care facility in South Texas.

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