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Advanced Back and Neck Pain Therapy

The most common condition we treat at StoneRidge is back and neck pain. We have years of experience of successfully diagnosing and treating this condition for thousands of patients across the Rio Grande Valley.

Often, the cause of back and neck pain is found in the spine. The chiropractic doctors at StoneRidge will provide a thorough examination to detect misalignments of your spine. We have a modern X-ray facility which allows doctors to address your symptoms faster. Most misalignments of the spine, which cause frequent pain, can be treated easily and without the use of drugs or surgery. Upon proper evaluation and diagnosis, the chiropractic doctor will perform an adjustment to help realign your spine. Under most circumstances, adjustments are pain free and are followed by immediate relief.

Advanced Procrastinator's Pain Therapy

It’s human nature to put off dealing with unpleasant issues. Let’s face it, we have all procrastinated when it comes to addressing pain but the problem is that things may get worse if simply ignored.

Many people deal with pain by trying to ignore it and it’s not uncommon for patients to have deferred treating their pain prior to coming to our office. The longer you hold over seeking help for your injuries, the longer treatment may take.

Over time, pain may grow more severe, and everyday tasks may become more difficult. Do not let your pain get any worse. Seek help for any discomfort you may be experiencing today. At StoneRidge, our goal is to provide you with immediate pain relief therapy and to ensure you feel better prior to leaving our clinic.


We at StoneRidge provide our clients with dedicated care to go along with premier benefits only available at the finest health care facility in South Texas.

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