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Were you involved in a car accident? Don’t wait! It’s important to seek a proper physical evaluation immediately following any automobile accident and always undergo a thorough medical examination. One of the biggest mistakes that auto accident victims make is to wait to seek a proper evaluation of subtle injuries that they may have sustained during their accident. Even with proper treatment, if you wait weeks or months before you seek treatment, you may wind up in severe pain and have a more difficult time returning back to health.

Without proper treatment, the effects of neck and back pain may not be present right away but can develop into serious pain. Even if you feel fine following an accident, do the right thing and take the time to get a complete medical checkup. Remember, you have a right to choose where to receive treatment. Here at StoneRidge, you don’t pay until your case is settled. Contact StoneRidge today for more information.


Contact StoneRidge Physical Rehabilitation today to start your therapy journey today. With personalized treatment plans for all of our patients’ needs, StoneRidge is the only choice when you’re in pain.


We at StoneRidge provide our clients with dedicated care to go along with premier benefits only available at the finest health care facility in South Texas.

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